Course Programs - 2019

For 2019, Humberside Accountancy Courses is proud to present a superb collection of lecture presentations tailored specially to aid the working accountant gain a distinctive competitive edge.

All speakers participating in the year-long programme are leaders in their respective fields and all are published authors. Our long-time attendees will know that this year we have expanded our range of courses and sourced three new speakers who all maintain our standard of extremely impressive résumés. Unlike other courses and online training , attendees have the opportunity to send in questions in advance of a lecture which the lecturer will either include within the presentation or answer in the post lecture discussion.

All courses are on a Wednesday afternoon, 2pm to 5pm, at the Hallmark Hotel, Ferriby High Road, North Ferriby, Hull, HU14 3LG.

Refreshments included in price.

Special price for the Season Ticket – all courses, for £899.00 (VAT included).

HMRC Enquiries in Practice

With John Cassidy & Lisa Mead

20th March 2019


  •  The significance and importance of dates in enquiry cases both for the enquiry itself and for PI matters
  •  “Accountants keep giving it to me” - Information requests have boundaries, it is not a free for all
  •  Visits to business premises also have limits
  •  What is really meant by carelessness despite what HMRC says
  •  What is really meant by reasonable excuse despite what HMRC says
  •  Not all advisors are ‘acting on behalf of’ the taxpayer
  •  A round up of other myths regularly encountered
  •  Important tax cases to remember and their practical uses
  •  Offshore, Requirement to Correct, Common Reporting Standard - what happens now and the do’s and don’ts when challenged by HMRC
  •  Domicile enquiries vs the meaning of domicile
  •  Dealing with a cross taxes enquiry
  •  Avoiding an enquiry/disclosure in the first place
  • Current and last chance saloon opportunities

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Small Company Accounts Update

With Peter Herbert

3rd April 2019


  •  Be able to apply changes brought in for 2019 by the FRC’s ‘triennial review’ and what these mean for small and micro entities
  •  Have an awareness of the top 10 most common disclosure issues under FRS 102 Section 1A and how these should be addressed
  •  Be aware of likely future changes to the small and micro company reporting regimes – including the impact of Brexit

Who Should Attend?
The seminar is targeted at qualified accountants working within industry and professional practice preparing accounts for small and micro companies.

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Everything You Need to Know About Payroll but Were Afraid to Ask

With Alexandra Durrant

24th April 2019


  •  Are there any advantages in doing this?
  •  My client pays expenses that are not business related – what should I do?
  •  How does a K code work and why is one issued – I need to explain to a client
  •  Does an employee pay too much tax on emergency code?
  •  Paying a director at NI primary threshold – do they lose out on state pension
  •  How does an employee qualify for SSP
  •  How do I calculate holiday due and holiday pay for casual workers
  •  HMRC tax codes - are they always correct
  •  What is a dynamic tax code
  •  Is it true there is Welsh and Scottish tax – how does that affect my payroll
  •  What information needs to be shown on a payslip
  •  Is a written contract of employment necessary
  •  Must NMW be paid for all hours worked
  •  When does an employer need to auto enrol
  •  When does re-enrolment happen and why

This course will be of benefit to employees running payrolls or providing payroll services to clients and for partners or staff who advise clients on payroll and related matters.

£108.00(Inc VAT)

VAT on Land and Property- Building on the Basics

With Simone Hurst

1st May 2019


  •  Misconceptions surrounding the option to tax and its general operation including when to opt, the scope of the option and dates and deadlines
  •  Transfer of going concern application to property
  •  Specific partial exemption issue for house builders
  •  Capital Goods Scheme Awareness
  •  Construction services and the minefield of VAT rates
  •  Service charges between landlords and tenants

Following the course, you will appreciate the complexities of this area and be able to identify issues that may need further examination.

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Helping Clients through Difficult Times

With John Butler & Mark Daubney

5th June 2019


  •  Options – focus on corporates and some case studies
  •  Director’s duties including some cases
  •  Proposed changes to legislation 
  • Solvent companies – solvent liquidations / reduction in share capital
  •  Personal insolvency (options) – if we get time

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Capital Allowances - What's New and Where Are the Untapped Opportunities?

With Ray Chidell

3rd July 2019


  •  recent case law developments
  •  fixtures in property - the rules and practicalities today
  •  missed opportunities for existing clients
  •  protecting the interests of the seller
  •  protecting the interests of the buyer
  •  common problem areas
  •  case studies

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Trusts: 4 Tax Efficient Cases and 1 Disaster

With Amanda Fisher

4th September 2019


  •  The tax implications of creating the trusts
  •  Managing the trusts and minimizing income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax
  •  Planning when to make income and capital distributions
  •  The formalities of ending a trust

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Tax and the Family

With Ros Martin

2nd October 2019


  •  Tax issues for spouses – income tax, capital gains, PPRR issues, settlements for businesses, issues on separation and divorce
  •  Basic IHT planning – lifetime and will planning
  •  Planning for family businesses – ensuring availability of ER, holdover relief, restructuring family businesses, POS

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Charity Accounts

With Mike Ulrich

30th October 2019


  •  For accounting periods commencing on or after 1 January 2019 the revised SORP will apply to all charities
  •  What will be the effect of this? What are the changes and how will they be accounted for?
  • Some charitable companies may have made the decision to become CIOs. 

£108.00(Inc VAT)

Latest Tax Planning Issues and Opportunities

With Robert Jamieson

27th November 2019


  •  Mandated trust income and tax returns               
  •  The dividend regime and Gift Aid             
  •  Buy-to-let tax changes – problems and possible solutions            
  •  Interest relief on capital withdrawn from a property letting business      
  •  Shares with no right to a dividend           
  •  An entrepreneurs’ relief loophole using trusts  
  •  IHT and a livery stable business
  •  SDLT relief for first-time buyers
  •  Donations by a subsidiary            
  •  Capital allowances and the discontinuance of a trade

£108.00(Inc VAT)

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